About Us

Lisa Harris

Lisa Harris

Lead Vocals

Lisa Harris is the voice and face fronting the band. Her energy, fiery vocals, and years of experience add an unmistakable sound to the band!  

Daniel Foster

Daniel Foster

Rhythm Guitar, Bass, and Vocals

Daniel is the backbone of the band. In addition to rhythm guitar, vocals, and multiple other instruments - he manages and produces  the group and is a professional audio engineer. 


Patrick Hancock

Lead Guitar and Vocals

A former special guest of Soul Salvage Project, Patrick Hancock plays lead guitar. His soulful and memorable leads are played with passion, skill, and often times note for note on cover tunes 


Kevin Sarver

Bass, Keys, Vocals, and Music Director

Kevin rounds out the band on bass, keys, and vocals, and is the musical director. His years of experience leading worship teams has helped him fashion warm vocal arrangements that are sure to please! 


Jeremy Heard


Jeremy, our newest member, is the youngin of the group born in 1997, and has been drumming since age 5. He filled in for us at the end of 2018 and was a great fit. His explosive energy and eclectic style blends well to create a unique rythym to our sound.